UKACCs 41st annual meeting

Glasgow international airport   7 & 8 june 2017

Chairman of the Meeting, Jack Richmond, Chairman, Glasgow International Airport Consultative Committee. 

Secretary to the Conference, Barry Smith, Deputy Honorary Secretary, Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee.

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1.            Notes of the business meeting held on 9 June 2016.

2.            Matters arising from the last meeting which are not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

3.            Aviation Policy Update

(a) Presentation by Tim May, Head of Airspace and Noise Policy, DfT giving an overview of the DfT's work programme and the key issues arising from the Government’s recent consultations.

(b) Delegates are asked to share any issues of concern to their ACC arising from the DfT’s consultations on the draft Airports NPS and the UK Airspace Policy.

4.            CAA Strategic Plan 2016-2021 – “Making Aviation: Better Our Key Strategies”

The Secretariat’s paper gives an overview of the CAA’s Strategic plan 2016-2021 published in April 2016. Delegates are asked to highlight topics of interest or concern to their ACC/airport not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

5.            CAA Airspace Change Process

(a) Presentation by Nic Stevenson and Rebecca Roberts-Hughes, CAA giving an overview of the current consultation on the draft airspace design guidance to support the new airspace change decision-making process.

(b) To consider whether UKACCs should make a collective response to the CAA's consultation on the draft airspace design guidance. Paper by the Secretariat highlights the main points of the consultation proposals.

6.            Edinburgh Airport Airspace Change Programme – consultation arrangements

Presentation by Gordon Robertson, Edinburgh Airport Limited to outline the airport’s approach to the recent public consultation and engagement on proposed changes to airspace around Edinburgh.

7.            ACC engagement with wider communities around airports

The Secretariat’s paper gives details of new fora set up by the DfT and CAA which aim to engage with key interested parties, specifically local communities, on matters concerning airspace and noise management policy. It also highlights concerns raised by community groups about the lack of engagement communities have with ACCs.

8.            PRM services at UK airports

(a) To receive the CAA’s update on its PRM service performance monitoring at UK airports. The Secretariat’s paper highlights issues for consideration.

(b) Delegates are asked to feedback on how their airports have addressed the results of the CAA’s 2015/16 monitoring results and to share best practice initiatives or issues of concern.

(c) The Secretariat’s paper gives details of the CAA’s Guidelines “Making air travel more accessible for passengers with hidden disabilities”. Delegates are asked to share how they are monitoring implementation of the requirements of the guidance at their airport.

9.            CAA’s Review of Issues Affecting a Passenger’s Access to UK airports

The Secretariat’s paper highlights the key outcomes of the CAA’s review. Delegates are asked to share how they are monitoring their airport’s implementation of the CAA’s recommendations.

10.          CAA Consumer Panel

Keith Richards, Chairman of the Panel will give an update on the work of the Panel over the past year. Delegates are asked to share their thoughts on and experiences with the work of the Panel.

11.          UK Border Force and ACC Engagement

The Secretariat’s paper provides an update on the UK Border Force’s (UKBF) work and national performance targets at airports. Delegates are asked to report on the resourcing and performance of UKBF at their airports.

12.          Brexit: The implications for airports and the aviation industry

The Secretariat’s paper gives details of some of the implications highlighted by the industry in the media.

13.          Any Other Business

14.       Venues for Future Conferences

2018 – Heathrow

2019 – Inverness

15.          Items for Information

Membership of the UKACCs Liaison Group - The paper informs delegates of the air traffic statistics at UKACCs airports for 2016 and gives details of those airports which fall within UKACCs’ membership admission criteria and the current membership subscription fee bands.