UKACCs 42nd annual meeting

Heathrow Airport 6 & 7 June 2018

Chairman of the Meeting, Prof Rod Smith, former Chair, Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee

Secretary to the Conference, Barry Smith, Deputy Honorary Secretary, Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee

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Business meeting agenda

1. Notes of the business meeting held on 8 June 2017.

2. Matters arising from the last meeting which are not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

3. Aviation Policy Update

(a) Presentation by Tim May, Head of Airspace and Noise Policy, DfT giving an overview of the DfT's work programme to include.
• Airports NPS and regional services to Heathrow
• Review of the Aviation Strategy and key themes to be addressed
• Brexit – progress update and challenges

(b) Discussion on those matters where the DfT would welcome ACC engagement in policy development. Delegates will highlight areas of interest to their ACC/airport that need to be clarified and/or addressed in the review of the Aviation Strategy.

4. Airspace and Noise  - Background paper by the Secretariat.

(a) Presentation by Tim May, Head of Airspace and Noise Policy, DfT on its various work streams considering UK airspace modernisation and the governance and structures needed, noise management and regulation and the establishment of ICCAN and its role in the process.

(b) Discussion on the development of noise policy with a particular focus on existing compliance and enforcement mechanisms and whether they are fit for purpose, existing community compensation arrangements, incentives for noise reduction, and how to address the challenge of growing populations near airports.  The DfT’s paper to help facilitate discussion at the meeting.

(c) Presentation by Mark Simmons, Airspace Regulator, CAA on the new airspace design guidance with a particular focus on the expected role of ACCs in the new process.  Appendix C of the CAA’s Guidance (CAP 1616 - Airspace Design: Guidance on the regulatory process for changing airspace design including community engagement requirements) is  background information.  Annie Gilbert, Airspace Regulators, CAA will also be present.

5. DfT Guidelines for ACCs – Review of Community Engagement Mechanisms -   Presentation by Sally Stolworthy, DfT, on the DfT’s review of the mechanisms in place at airports to ensure the CAA’s new Airspace Design Guidance set out in CAP 1616 can be effectively delivered. The DfT’s paper poses a number of questions for ACCs and their airports to consider.  Discussion on how member ACC airports are fulfilling or are planning to fulfil the requirements of CAP1616 and what mechanisms ACCs have put in place to review their airports’ processes.

6. Sustainable Aviation - Presentation by Neil Robinson, Chairman Sustainable Aviation, providing an update on its work and the progress made by the industry in delivering environmental targets, noise, air quality and carbon emissions.  Discussion on how ACCs can assist in taking forward Sustainable Aviation’s aims and in helping to communicate the progress made by the industry.

7. Special Assistance Services at UK Airports -  Presentation by James Fremantle, CAA giving an update on its PRM service performance and progress at airports in implementing the hidden disability guidance at UK airports. The Secretariat’s paper highlights issues for consideration and discussion.  Delegates will feedback on any issues their airports have in addressing the results of the CAA’s 2016/17 monitoring results and to highlight any best practice initiatives or challenges faced by their airports in providing special assistance services.

8. Border Force Operations  - The Secretariat’s paper gives an update on issues concerning Border Force operations at UK airports. Delegates will report on the key issues/ challenges at their airports and any best practice initiatives that would benefit other airports in improving the passenger experience.

9. Membership of the UKACCs Liaison Group - The paper informs delegates of the air traffic statistics at UKACCs airports for 2017 and gives details of those airports which fall within UKACCs’ membership admission criteria and the current membership subscription fee bands.

10. Any Other Business

11. Venues for Future Conferences
2019 – Inverness
2020 - Bristol