Throughout Europe there is a move to simplify and harmonise the way airspace and air traffic control is used through the Single European Sky project. The UK and Ireland are meeting those and other issues through the CAA’s Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) which sets out a plan to modernise airspace by 2020.   More information is available in the CAA’s Future Airspace Strategy for the United Kingdom 2011 to 2030.

PBN Airspace Design Guidance

The CAA issued CAP1378: Airspace Design Guidance: Noise Mitigation Considerations when Designing PBN Departure and Arrival Procedures in April 2016. This document explores the impacts and possibilities of using PBN (Performance Based Navigation) routes to mitigate noise impacts and does not make reference to the stand-alone benefits of performance based versus conventional navigation. It provides options for consideration by airspace designers and sponsors and a common reference when considering aircraft noise mitigation in the placement of PBN routes.

Airspace Change Process

The CAA is introducing a new airspace change process.  Draft revised guidance on the new process, which will replace CAP 725, (the current  Airspace Change Guidance) was published for consultation on 30 March 2017 .  Click here to see the consultation document and how you can respond. The consultation closes on 30 June. The consultation documentation comprises the draft guidance document itself, a draft environmental technical annex to the guidance, a separate document about a new category of airspace change (known as 'Tier 2') which the Government is proposing to introduce, and a pdf version of the consultation .

The proposed new process takes into account responses the CAA received to its March 2016 consultation.

The Government's UK Airspace Policy Consultation

The Government is currently consulting on proposals about the policy and criteria against which the CAA assesses airspace change proposals. Click here to view its consultation. The Government’s consultation closes on 25 May 2017.

More details can be found on the CAA’s website.