Statutory Background for accs

Most ACCs are constituted pursuant to section 35(1) of the Civil Aviation Act 1982 (as amended by the Airports Act 1986) which states:

'This section applies to any aerodrome which is designated for the purpose of this section by an Order made by the Secretary of State.  The person having the management of any aerodrome to which this section applies shall provide:

  • for users of the aerodrome;
  • for any local authority (or, if the persons having the management of the aerodrome is a local authority, any other local authority) in whose area the aerodrome or any part thereof is situated or whose area is in the neighbourhood of the aerodrome; and
  • for any other organisation representing the interests of persons concerned with the locality in which the aerodrome is situated,

adequate facilities for consultation with respect to any matter concerning the management or administration of the aerodrome which affects their interests'.

The Act does not define “adequate facilities” which is a matter left to the airport operator but as a consequence of this legislation it has become the practice to have ACCs at most airports.