ukaccs 39th annual meeting

Manchester airport  11 JUne 2015

Chairman of the Meeting, Steve Wilkinson, Chairman, Manchester Airport Consultative Committee.

Secretary to the Conference, Barry Smith, Deputy Honorary Secretary, Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee. 

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1.   Notes  of the business meeting held on 12 June 2014.

 2. Matters arising  from the last meeting which are not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

 3. UKACCs Working Group

(a) Key Outcomes of Working Group meeting on 26 November 2014

(b) UKACCs Secretariat Support – Tasks, Priorities, Resilience and Succession Planning  -  Paper by Peter Smart, Chairman of UKACCs Working Group 

(c) UKACCs Working Group – Appointment of Members

 4. DfT Guidelines for ACCs

(a) Updates on Member Committees’ Reviews  -   A schedule summarising the feedback from ACCs prior to the meeting was considered.

(b) Consultation considerations and the role of ‘Critical Friend’  - The  paper highlights issues for consideration in fulfilling the ACC’s consultation and ‘critical friend’ roles.

5. Pre-notification of PRM services at UK airports  - The Secretariat’s paper provides an update on the work of the CAA and the industry in relation to improving the pre-notification by passengers requiring special assistance at airports.

 6. Effective Community Engagement  - Presentation by Wendy Sinfield, Community Relations Manager, Manchester Airport, outlining the key elements of the airport’s community engagement strategy.

 7. Airspace Change

(a) The CAA’s Future Airspace Strategy (FAS) and implementation of PBN technology  - The Secretariat’s paper provides a summary of the CAA’s FAS, the work of the Airport’s Commission’s Senior Delivery Group on the issues arising from the implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) in the UK.

 (b) Issues for consideration  - Delegates shared experiences at their airports with proposed changes to airspace and the implementation of PBN.

(c) UK Aviation Noise Policy – Role of Secretary of State and work of DfT’s ANMAC  - Presentation by Tamara Goodwin, DfT giving an overview of the key elements Government’s policy in relation to aviation noise and airspace change, the issues and the current work of the DfT’s Aircraft Noise Management Advisory Committee (ANMAC).

 8. The Runway Capacity Debate

(a) Airports Commission – Update

(b) Air Connectivity between London and UK Regions  - The Secretariat’s paper summarises the work of the Airports Commission, the Government and the conclusions of the National Connectivity Task Force, chaired by Lord Shipley, on regional connectivity.

 9. Resilience Planning at UK Airports  - The Secretariat’s paper highlights some of the issues for consideration in maintaining resilience plans at airports.

 10. European Passengers’ Federation  -  The paper by the Stansted Airport Consultative Committee outlines the work of the European Passengers’ Federation. 

11. Any Other Business

  Items for Information

(a) Membership of the UKACCs Liaison Group - The paper informs delegates of the air traffic statistics at UKACCs airports for 2014.

(b) UKACCs Support Service Update - The paper provides an update on the work of the support service during the year ended 31March 2015.

(c) UK Aviation Update - The paper provides a brief round-up of current activities in the UK not covered by reports which appear elsewhere on the Agenda.

(d) CAA Consumer Panel Update by the Chairman of the Panel.

(e) European Aviation Update - The paper provides a brief update of the current EU activity in respect of aviation matters.